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What is the What May 28, 2007

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Review a Book. December 28, 2006

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Hey guys, just thought it would be a neat idea to post book reviews.

You can be as formal (or informal) as you desire, however here’s a rough outline of things you might want to include:


Title and Author:



Your review:

Misc: Media-type (hardcover/softcover) Price, etc.

Final Grade: (Letter-Based or out of 10?)

Just try and categorize your reviews on the right before you post them.

Also, one guideline, please try and have finished the book before you review it. I guess if you really hated it, or couldn’t finish it for some reason, just put DIDN’T FINISH somewhere in the title or near the top, and give us the reason why.

Heck, just write anything, as long as it’s a book review.

Email Wrist Fister @ Gmail . com (without the spaces) if you have questions or would like the password to post a review.